Snapping #petselfiez with @jermzlee & Norm

Since the advent of the digital camera, people have been snapping the one-handed self-portraits that the world has come to know as “selfies.”

As the popularity of the selfie has grown around the globe, it was only a matter of time before animals started getting in on the trend.

Enter Jeremy Veach (@jermzlee) and his adorable pug Norm. Norm snapped his first selfie a few months ago and posted it with a new #petselfiez tag, differentiating it from other selfies on Instagram. Says Jeremy, “my followers loved it so I kept it going!”

Since Norm’s first selfie, nearly 900 other animals have been inspired to share their own selfies with the #petselfiez hashtag.

Jeremy has some advice for humans that want to help their animals take the perfect selfie: “My best tip is to prop your pet up so one paw is on your leg while you hold the other paw towards your camera.”

"Our Instagram experience has been crazy and so much fun!" says Jeremy. Norm, himself, has become a bit of a celebrity in his hometown of Seattle. "I have been walking around the streets of Seattle and have had people recognize Norm and want a picture with him."

For more photos from Jeremy and Norm, follow @jermzlee on Instagram, and be sure to browse the #petselfiez hashtag to see selfies from animals around the world.

these are selfies i can get behind!

Doing my regular internet browsing. I like to call it tab-hopping… I found myself reading Jordan Dunn's wikipedia page. Just the last section about her personal life got me to thinking about someone who I always just thought was incredibly beautiful. I’ll be following her career with a new passion and support. 

Stay beautiful, inside and out people.



Jourdan Dunn by Sean & Sung for Dazed & Confused October 2011


Black on Both Sides changed my shit.

This picture changed my shit.

Anybody catch Dexter last night? Don’t want to give it away but that last scene… DEXTERSBOUTTOGETWILD